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The world According to Bitch Caces

I finally couldn't take it. I knew that today was the day. The day I finally had a Peter Pan Donut!

Now let me just say- they have quite a reputation: If you google this place, you'll come across dozens of food blogs, personal blogs (including one from Miss Heather with a great picture from the 1960's!), local newspaper articles, and reader comments that all say the same thing - that these are pretty much the best donuts around or ever. In fact, I remember that my ex-husband, who lived in Greenpoint in 1999 when I met him, vowed that Peter Pan donuts were the best. Coming from him, this was a huge compliment.)

I bought a half dozen for the group, but selected my own personal donut carefully - a cream filled beaut with shredded coconut and pink sprinkles on top. And after two rounds of bowling fun it was donut time! At the first sugary awesome bite, I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head: It really was the best donut I had ever consumed in my life!

So if you find yourself in Greenpoint - or are close enough and willing to make a trip for the best donuts ever - take the G to the Nassau stop, exit on the Norman side and walk north (toward Meserole) half a block. You'll be glad you did!

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Ave. (between Norman & Meserole)


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The World According to Bitch Cakes